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Bowhead Corp Canada

Rotor MDR-P 220MM & IS Mount Kit

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Each Kit includes 2 Magura MCR-P 220MM Rotors & IS Mounts (made by Bowhead Corp)

Magura 203MM MDR-P Performance Rotor

The MDR-P is a brake disc for performance-oriented riders and tough tasks - form downhill and e-bikes to heavy cargo bikes. Compared to the MDR-C, the two-piece disc saves weight and for the first time it is also available with a 220MM diameter.

A special feature of the two-piece disc is the patented interlocking of the outer and inner rings (Dovetail Interlink technology). The interlocking provides additional support for the inner ring if the outer ring expands due to heat. In contrast to floating discs, the torque is transmitted to the dovetail-shaped toothing over its entire surface instead of just the rivets. This increases the rigidity of the brake disc and the degree of heat dissipation under continuous load.

Thanks to this new technology, the MDR-P is the most powerful brake disc in the Magura portfolio, yet it still offers riders low weight and reduced vibration. A version with a 220mm diameter provides additional stability during braking maneuvers, especially for MTB gravity use. 

  • Optimized for eBike use
  • Perfect for demanding application such as downhill use
  • Two-piece design for best heat dissipation and high torque transfer
  • Prepared for tonewheel or magnet
  • Wear optimized ring design
  • NOT for use with center lock